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Photography contest results

Golden Lens! / December 21, 2010

After the contest was launched it was far from imagination that there were so many  people who were truly dazzled by photography… As the judges can tell you when they received in their e-mail boxes 79 photographs to assess. Nobody said it was going to be easy, did they?!? And it was not really easy!

It is not easy to choose one photo when there are 79 unmatched and original visions about the company! It is even unfair that we admit it!

But the decision had to be made, and it  was decided that the golden lens would go to Joana!

Congratulations Joana, and congratulations to all those who participated in the initiative (those who took pictures, posed – some with lots of courage – and to whom, kindly, helped us judge the photos).

To all an honest thank you!