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Promote your business and communicate your products on facebook / March 23, 2011

Leave your mark. Spread your company  and display your products on Facebook. As you probably are aware of, Facebook is growing quickly. Being present and having a strong image in this social network are good indicators in having more people aware of all your business’ news. Taking into account this unreachable phenomenon by other social networks, Cápsula  “rolled up their sleeves” and specialized themselves in the publication and promotion of companies in the Facebook world.

The world of business on Facebook

For the first time in the Internet world, over 500 million users around the world have an open account on Facebook. This translates into being  a gold mine for companies, which can advertise in it, not only for its country or region, but also all over the world.

From the simplest  to the most complex

We adapt to your needs. Our designs go from a  simple page to the most complex web environment of promoting products or solutions. Tell us what the needs of your business are and we help you fulfill them.